What Does an Antitrust Attorney Do?

There are many types of attorneys that handle different areas of the law. One of these types is an antitrust attorney. In this article, we will review what is an antitrust attorney as well as what they do.

Like and lawyer, an antitrust attorney is a legal professional who handles legal matters and court cases. Their primary purpose is to work on cases involving big business deals.

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These include things like business mergers, business acquisitions, free trade agreements, and lawsuits about price-fixing.

Since these lawyers handle big cases involving corporations, they often work for a government agency. If they worked for another corporation their bias could influence the case. In the United States, antitrust lawyers often work for the Federal Trade Commission.

The main job of an antitrust lawyer is to determine whether or not a business agreement like a merger will affect the competitiveness of that industry. For example, if only one company is able to sell gasoline they can set the price much higher, which is not fair to consumers. Antitrust lawyers help companies navigate the merger process.

This is just a short overview of what these antitrust attorneys do. For more details, see the linked video.


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