What are Bail Bonds and How Do They Work?

Perhaps you’ve heard from the news or even movies about bail bonds. But do you know what it means? What is bail, and is it different from a bail bond?

Here’s how it works.

When someone gets arrested for the crime they have committed, they are held in jail until their court date.

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It’s until the judge decides to let them go on their own or until they are released on bail.

Understanding a Bail

This is a set amount of money that will serve as insurance between the person in jail or the defendant and the court. The defendants will have the option to pay the bail in cash, but unfortunately, not all can do this.

Since the bail is usually set at a high amount, most defendants cannot pay or post bail alone. With that, they seek help from the bail agent or bail bondsman. They will be the ones to post bail on behalf of the defendant.

Understanding a Bail Bond

It’s a type of surety bond provided by a bail bond company through the bail agent that will secure the defendant’s release from jail.

First, the judge will set a bail amount, and if the defendant can’t pay on their own, they can seek help from the bail bond agent in the form of bail bonds. The defendant is required to pay 10% to bail bond agents.

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